Family Medicine Practice

 Personalized health care for the entire family is what our team of specialists aim to provide. We believe that even if one member is struggling with health-related issues, the rest would also be affected in more ways than one. This is something we do our best to prevent by offering you and your loved ones individualized health care plans that allow you to effectively manage any concerns regarding your health. You can simply come over to our clinic for walk-in check-ups and have our doctors take a look at you. Our practice combines expertise and convenience in managing health care for people of all ages. 

Chronic Disease Management

 If any of the people you care about are suffering from a chronic illness, then it’s best to know all the ways to effectively manage their condition. Gaining such knowledge would ensure a better quality of life, not only for them, but for the rest of the family as well. Our team of highly qualified physicians can educate the entire family and the professionals you entrusted to provide care to your chronically-ill loved one, on the ideal methods of managing the disease. 

Preventative Services and Complete Physical Examinations

 When it comes to yours and your family’s health, there is absolutely no telling what could happen. One day you could be fine and the next, things may possibly take a turn for the worst. The thing about these situations is that you could have either not seen them coming or failed to notice the signs. Regardless of whether of not there is a likelihood of you or any member of your family developing certain diseases or conditions, make sure regular physical evaluations are done and the appropriate preventive measures are taken. You will find these services to be necessary and at times, even life-saving. 

Minor Excision and Biopsies on site, referral not required

 Our physicians are well-equipped to remove and examine tissues of the body checking for the possible presence of disease and how far along it could be. These specialists also perform minor operations to remove tumors and parts of affected organs. These are necessary measures to prevent the possible spreading of a deadly disease that could severely affect the lives of our patients and their families. 

Cosmetic Skin Lesion Removal (Not Covered by OHIP)

 Our specialists happen to be experts at removing warts, cysts, and other forms of skin lesions that indicate the abnormal growth of skin. Not only do these malformations ruin the appearance of the skin, some types also have the potential to become threatening to your health and well-being. Ease your mind by heading on over to our clinic to have these deformities removed right away. You’d basically be killing two birds with one stone. 

Women’s Health & PAP Smears

 It is important for the women in your family to be properly educated regarding their health and the best ways to effectively manage it. Among the possible health complications that could arise for these individuals is the presence of cancer cells in their cervices. With the Pap smear services we provide, our patients would be able to know if there is actually a chance for them to catch the disease, if they already have it, and the ways to prevent it. 

 Don’t hesitate to avail of the quality services our family practice and walk-in clinic can offer you and your loved ones. Allow us to provide all of you with a safer, more convenient, and much more efficient ways to manage health care. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by paying us a visit or giving us call at 905-478-1300